ADHD Surrey Case Study. 

Read about the website we created for ADHD Surrey, a private practice that helps people with ADHD, whilst giving them a say in the kind of treatment they would like to receive. 
The Client 
ADHD Surrey is owned and operated by Daniel Barry, a Pharmacist and Independent Prescriber. He assists people with ADHD by providing them with diagnostic assessment, advice once they have been diagnosed, potential treatment plans and knowledge on different ways to treat ADHD. 
Daniel and ADHD Surrey are committed to delivering the most effective and convenient treatment for people suffering with ADHD in Surrey. They allow clients to be put in charge of their own care whilst supporting them to ensure they are able to make informed decisions about the treatment they receive based on what their individual needs and personal goals are. 
At ADHD Surrey, they appreciate that upon evaluation of a person’s symptoms, it is not always the case that taking medication for ADHD is worthwhile. They are dedicated to finding a course of treatment that best suits the needs of that individual. 
The Problem 
Thanks to 11 years of working in healthcare, Daniel was more than equipped to run ADHD Surrey and deliver good results to his clients, that being said, other aspects of running a business were completely new to him. “I had discussions with a number of website providers when I was looking to set up my private ADHD clinic,” he told us, “I was a complete novice when it came to starting a private practice. I was concerned that the start-up costs would be prohibitive and that designing a website would be time consuming and complicated”. 
ADHD Surrey had a problem that lots of businesses have when they first start up. We are all aware of how valuable it can be having a strong online presence, especially now given so much of a consumer’s time is spent online; however, possessing the ability to set up an engaging website that reflects who you are as a business and conveys what you do can be difficult. It can also be extremely difficult finding affordable web design. This is what Daniel was struggling with. Not only could he have missed out on potential business as a result but also, patients who genuinely needed his services wouldn’t be able to find information on them. 
The Solution 
Daniel sat down with John Wright at It’seeze Horsham and the two of them discussed what Daniel wanted to get out of his website and how It’seeze Horsham could do that for him. 
“I was impressed with John,” said Daniel, “he really took time to understand my needs as someone undertaking their first steps into a new business. We had a number of meetings to discuss the content of the site and he was very patient when it came to revising the layout of the site prior to launching it. Although more expensive options were available, John advised me to choose a website design that would provide all the necessary information for people looking to use my services and keep the initial costs down for me. The pricing was transparent and the quality of the site is excellent.” 
John advised Daniel to set up his website with the Lite package. This is a simple but effective package that was custom designed by the It’seeze Horsham team who specialise in different aspects of web design in Crawley. This package offers 5 pages on which ADHD Surrey were able to explain what they do, provide information surrounding ADHD, the price of treatment and contact details. This provided Daniel’s prospective clients the opportunity to read about their diagnosis and potential treatment before getting in touch. As a result, Daniel and ADHD Surrey were able to be respectful of the treatment that clients would like to receive and provide them with advice and support moving forward. 
The Result 
Because of the low cost of the Lite Package, paired with how effective it is when displaying a brand and generating clients, Daniel saw a return on his investment almost immediately. “Within the two weeks of the site going live I had recouped all of my initial investment in the business, of which the web design was only a fraction.” 
It’seeze Horsham provides the perfect web design for start-ups, which Daniel and ADHD Surrey attest to. “Two months in and I have had over 500 google hits on my business and I am regularly getting 4-5 referrals a week which is more than I had anticipated. I have already spoken to several friends of mine who are looking to set up independently and have concerns about the set-up costs of a website – I tell them to just do it! The initial set up cost is worthwhile and they will have a professional, sophisticated website that will support their business and attract clients.” 
Suffice to say, Daniel is delighted with the way his website has turned out and it is already generating more clients than he had initially anticipated. We project ADHD Surrey is only likely to continue growing. It was a pleasure to work with Daniel and support his business, the work they do is incredibly admirable and we are proud to be able to contribute to it. We look forward to hearing even more about their success in the future. 

Let's work together 

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