As we start a New Year, it is often a time of excitement, hope and expectation as we set new goals, targets and objectives that we would like to achieve in our business and personal lives over the next 12 months. 
When it comes to business goals, your website should be playing a key role in helping you achieve them. Whether you are looking to grow your business through new customers, create stronger ties with existing customers and/or sell new products to them, or a mix of all of these, your website can help. Or it can hinder! 
So, is your website fit for 2019? Or does is need some work to get it in shape and help you achieve your business goals? Here we look at 11 factors that will help you check that your site is doing what it needs to be. 

1. Does your website reflect your comapny branding and identity ? 

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2. Does it speak to your audience?  

Use example of it'seeze key that we are plain speaking and don't talk jargon and how we wouldn't be speaking to our target audience if our website was full of jargon. 

3. Are you products or services up to date? 

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4. Are your key details current and updated? 

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5. Is it easy to read? 

Grammar and spelling 

6. Is it mobile friendly? 

7. Does it answer questions? 

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8. Are you telling people about it? 

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9. Are you telling people what to do? 

Calls to action 

10. Are you measuring success? 

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11. What's the plan? 

If you have checked that your website follows each of the above, you should now have a site that is fit to help you achieve your goals for the year. But what will it be like in a few months? Will it still refelct your company?  
Put a plan in place to check and update your site every month to keep it fighting fit. And also assign someone to do it.  
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