We’re not just saying this because websites are our business, but if you don’t have a website you are missing a huge, massive, monumental trick. The sort of trick that would make the late Paul Daniels and his white rabbit jealous. So just to make it clear, that’s a really, really big trick. 
If you’ve just started a business, you have no excuse, if your business is long established, you have no excuse. If you have a business that is trading in absolutely anything, no matter the shape or size, you need to have a website. 
In short, a website is essential. 
Now we’ve cleared that up let’s delve a little further into the many reasons why having a website is such a fantastic idea. 

A professional website will add to your credibility 

Anyone who’s anyone is on the internet. Including your granny and including your two-year-old nephew. (We speak from very real experience here – if you’re two years old, you can open an iPhone, open the CBBC app and play a Peppa Pig video – and that’s a fact). 
Having a website is such an effortlessly easy way to let people know you exist – and if you create a really good website that tells everyone exactly how brilliant you are, it is no exaggeration to say that your business will be transformed. 

A website will keep your customers informed 

Whether you’ve got a new product, you’ve won an award, you’ve opened new premises – if your business has done absolutely anything at all worth shouting about, then your clients and potential clients really want to know about it. 
And a website is the most fantastic place to display testimonials too. These are unbelievably valuable and really will bring in new business – it’s such an easy win that it’s madness not to let your clients sing your praises on your behalf. 

A website is your showroom, your shop window 

You can include really top-quality photos, words and videos that will show your clients exactly how amazing your products are. These can be updated at the touch of a button, and can create an effortless archive of all the fantastic things you have produced over the years. 
Your website can tell your story and the story behind your business, so people can get to know you, your values and what you stand for, all from the comfort of their armchair. 

A website can create enquiries and sell your products – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year 

One of the many beauties of the internet is that it’s open all day, every day, all around the world – it’s the shop window that never sleeps, which is why it can be working for you behind the scenes while you’re asleep, dreaming about future business glories. 
Through your website, you can be available to your clients so easily – and can respond immediately. This will do wonders for your customer service, no matter how great it is currently. 
Your website is open for business long after the shops have closed 

A website can increase your market nationally, or even globally 

When you have a website the world is your mollusc. There are no limits to who can look at your website, from where or when. The internet is the place where small ideas turn into huge businesses. 
And you don’t have to spend any money at all on advertising to achieve this – think of the money you’ll save in the future. 

Your competitors have websites 

This is not an assumption, and no we don’t need to have checked. Your competitors absolutely do have websites, and they’re raking in business that you could so easily be competing for. 
Furthermore, your clients will expect you to be online, and when they search and find you aren’t, they’re only going to fall into the arms of your competitors. And no-one wants that. 
Think of that really, really big trick that we mentioned. It is so unbelievably easy to pull the rabbit out of the hat here – get yourself a website, make it a brilliant one. 
We can’t wait to see you online. 
If you think your business would benefit from a new website and you don't know where to start, why not book a free 10 minute phone consultation with it'seeze Horsham. Call us today on 01403 610125 or send us an email, and we'll get a date in the diary. 
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