At it'seeze web design in Horsham we completely understand how complicated, daunting and arduous a task getting a new website can seem to a busy business owner. But it doesn't have to be. We believe it should be an easy and enjoyable experience and we pride ourselves on making the process of getting a new website as easy and pain free as possible for our clients. We do that in four ways.  

1. We are local and easy to get hold of 

One of the many great things about the it'seeze model is that our clients have a local consultant to work with them on their new website. 
As already mentioned, getting a new website for your business can be a very confusing and daunting process; and when all contact is via email, website messages, phone or even Skype, it is easy for misunderstandings to creep in. And with website design, as with many things, misunderstandings can result in additional costs and a result that was not what you wanted.  
Because we are based in Horsham and work with businesses in a 20 mile radius, we are able to meet with our clients at a time and location that is convenient for them. That allows us to discuss and understand their business and their specific website requirements, meaning that the package we offer them will be the right one for their needs. 
And we'll meet again to review the website once it is complete, but before it goes live. 
So, if you are a business based in Surrey or Sussex, we guarantee you will have a local it'seeze consultant to discuss your website with.  
''We really enjoyed working with it'seeze Horsham. John took what we thought would be a complicated and arduous task and made it an extremely easy and enjoyable experience. John was professional, friendly, helpful and very supportive throughout the whole process and going forward, updating things on our new website is a breeze, even for the technically challenged! Would highly recommend!'' 

2. Easy to understand - we talk plain English, not jargon! 

There are a lot of technical words, terms and phrases used in the website industry. We don't use them because we don't expect you to understand them; why would you? Instead we use every day terminology to explain the options and choices available to you. And if you have heard of a phrase that you really don't understand, don't be afraid to ask us what it means. We happily explain what it means and how it might work or affect your new website.  

3. Easy to afford - our website packages are extremely affordable 

Our websites are bespoke and professionally designed, but we don't believe that a great website shouldn’t come with an even greater price tag.  
Whether you’re looking for an effective online marketing tool to help you grow your business, or a flexible ecommerce website that makes selling online simple and secure, we’ve got you covered. No hidden costs, no funny business, just a brilliant website that offers great value for money. 

4. Easy to edit - it'seeze website editing system very easy to use (or we will do it for you!) 

When we demonstrate our editing system to new clients, the word that they frequently used to describe it is 'intuitive'; and it truly is. You don't need to have advanced computer skills to edit your it'seeze website; f you can use a word document you can edit an it'seeze website. This puts you in control of changing your website content so that it is up to date with the changes in your business. Why wait for someone to change add your new member of staff to your site, or add that new product?  
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