When the COVID-19 lockdown was enforced, we quickly adapted to an online model and changed our face-to-face meetings to virtual ones.  
Using programs such as Zoom and Skype, we can still hold consultations with our clients. This allows us to fully understand their business, branding, target audience, their competitors, and website goals, etc. 
We have found that holding virtual meetings is every bit as effective as in-person meetings, and allows us to continue to deliver bespoke websites to our clients’ specific requirements.  
Although moving to virtual meetings meant we were just as effective as before, however, we were concerned that it was no longer relevant that we were local.  
Being local is something that sets us apart from many other web design companies. It meant that we could meet face-to-face with our clients to discuss their business and their website requirements. Now we were unable to do that, we feared that we had lost one of the benefits that our clients like about working with it'seeze Web Design Horsham. 
We needn't have worried though! We soon realised that being local is about far more than being able to meet face-to-face. 
You know that feeling you have when you're on holiday hundreds of miles away, and you meet someone who is from the same area as you? You immediately feel rapport with them, even though you've never met them before. That's the unique connection that being local creates. 
Being local to our clients means that we know the area they're from; the towns and villages their customers live and work in. We understand the unique geographical opportunities and challenges they face. We understand that although another town may not look far away from them on a map, it's not a preferred target area for them because it's not a direct route. And delivering there is not as cost-effective as delivering to another area that is slightly further away.  
Being local means that we have friends or acquaintances in common, and things we can both relate to. That connection helps to build rapport and trust. It helps our clients feel comfortable working with us. 
So although current restrictions mean we can’t meet in person, technology means we can still hold meetings. And we’re still local. 
If you feel your business would benefit from a new website and you don't know where to start, why not get in touch with the team at it'seeze Web Design Horsham today.  
We offer affordable web design services that are ideal for local businesses, and we provide ongoing website support for all our clients too. If you're looking for a reliable Sussex web design company, we'd love to hear from you. 
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