It’s a new year and for many businesses, a new start. This means an opportunity to spruce up the way their website works and the way it looks. Whether you are looking for a brand new website, are a start-up launching your first website or just looking for a brand refresh, you want to ensure that what you’re spending your money on is going to help your business grow. 
But keeping up with the latest web design trends can be a difficult task – what’s in, what’s out, what’s the latest craze and what’s no longer cutting-edge design? In the same way that fashion trends change, so does effective web design and you could be relying on a website that has become seriously dated. So, what are the top website trends for 2022 and what should you be focusing on when considering a professional website design? 

Top Website Trends for 2022 

The pandemic meant many people started working from home, and online, so many of the website trends for 2022 are very much user focused. So, let’s take a look at the top website trends for 2022, the benefits, and what it means for your small business. 

1. Typography 

Bespoke fonts, oversized lettering coupled with innovative design are becoming all the rage. The mood is, you’ve got to have some text on your website so why not make it more attractive and engaging? Typographic headlines and hero images are set to make a statement in 2022 and replace standard images. They add simplicity but command attention, much like a news headline. Bold headlines can not only showcase your creative side but also inform your visitor exactly what you do for them. 

2. Gradients 

...are back but they are more complex and colourful than they’ve ever been. A mixture of colours and smooth transitions are the key to successful gradients. Some people like big, bold colours whilst others prefer more subtle tones. They can be mixed with your brand and logo colours, added to fonts and your navigation menu, or can dominate the background on your web pages. 

3. Interactive elements in 3D 

The longer a visitor is on your website, the more likely they will engage and make a purchase. This is where interactive elements come into play. They are set to improve user experiences and build an online community. Adding a 3D aspect, particularly to e-commerce sites, can make a huge difference. For example, interactive product images that a user can move with a mouse, or click or slide if using a mobile device, can display the product from a variety of angles, much like a user picking up the product in a shop. Other types of interactive elements include online calculators, particularly useful for financial businesses, surveys are always popular and quizzes. 

4. Chatbots 

Over the past year, chatbots have become far more commonplace on websites and it’s not going to change in 2022. Consumers want to engage with your business when it suits them, not between 9am and 5pm, and chatbots enables them to do this. The better AI becomes, the better chatbots will be in answering questions, solving standard problems and becoming more ‘human’. 

5. Accessibility 

Effective web design is enabling every single person, even if they have a disability, to have access to your website. Accessibility is becoming an extremely important factor in business website design, with the aim of delivering better access and inclusiveness. For example, providing a light and dark theme for users, defining borders, and making it easy to see the difference between backgrounds, images and text by showing colour contrasts that are clear and distinctive. 

6. Responsive websites 

Your website is not viewed on a desktop or laptop alone. More and more users are viewing business’s websites on mobile devices and it’s becoming more important that your site looks the same no matter what device is being used. That means it needs to automatically adjust to fit any screen size. In 2021, it was a nice feature to have; in 2022, it’s a necessity. Adding thumb-friendly mobile navigation capabilities to enable interactive elements to be used on mobile devices, will enhance your website’s features and lead to better conversion rates. 

7. Loading speed 

Users will make a decision about your website in a matter of seconds – 5 seconds in general. If your images, interactive elements and the website as a whole don’t load quickly, your visitor will go elsewhere and that’s a potential sale lost. Google has specified page speed as a core factor in ranking a website’s suitability in search engine results, so if you want to feature on page one of a user’s search, make sure your page loading speed is as fast as it can be. 

8. Personalisation 

It’s all about the user’s experience and they want to be treated in a way that makes their interaction with your website personal, which leads to better engagement and lead conversion. Tools like Google Analytics can analyse a user’s habits and can help businesses provide alternative choices that may interest their visitors. 

9. Custom imagery 

Stock photos and images are no longer sufficient, and they stand out like a sore thumb. Professional website design isn’t just about designing a website; it is also about customising the design and website content. As well as typographic imagery, customised illustrations and creative photography are at the top of the agenda in 2022. The more impactful your imagery is, the more your business website will stand out from your competitors, retaining your visitor’s attention and leading to better lead conversion. 


Web design is set to break the boundaries in 2022 with more colourful, more interactive and more creative designs. The generic, simple, off-the-shelf website has been confined to the past. This year will see the rise of the bespoke website that conveys the business’s message and brand it a more artful, personalised, interactive way. 
itseeze web design in Horsham delivers affordable web design that delivers results. We provide ongoing expert support and offer a free Website Health Check that will identify the areas where improvements can be made. Call us today to create the website of your dreams and turn your business into a success. Contact us for more details. 
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