Are you currently wondering whether you should build your own website or get a professional web designer to do it for you? 
If you are, this article will not answer the question for you. Only you can do that. But what it will hopefully do, is give you a clearer idea of which is the best option for you. 

Mixed results 

I know, and know of, many people who have built their own website using one of the website builders that are currently available. 
Some have built very good websites that provide a great showcase for their business. In most, if not all, cases they said it took longer than they expected, but they felt that the result made all that time worthwhile. 
I've also seen several self-build websites that are poor, and in some cases, so poor that they will not do the business any favours at all. They are not optimised for SEO so are unlikely to get many views. And anybody that does visit them is unlikely to stay on the site long because they either lack any useful information, or that information is just too difficult to find. 
The people that I really feel for are those I have received calls from, asking if we can help them complete their site. They spent a lot of time building their website, only to find that there are some final elements they are unable to do themselves and are looking for someone to help with that. It's not something we are able to assist with at it'seeze Horsham, and they will probably struggle to find someone who can help. And if they do find someone that can help, the price is likely to be similar to that, that a website created by a professional web designer would have cost. So they then has the awful dilemma of having to choose between spending a lot of money to complete their site, or give up on it and get a website created for them, thereby wasting all that time they spent on their self-build website. 

 What is the difference? 

So, what is the difference between those people who can build themselves a good website, and those that really struggle to do so? I believe the people who can create a good site, without any previous experience, are those that are able to work on a software programme they have never used before and will spend the time learning about and working on it until they are very proficient at it. You don't necessarily need prior design experience (although it definitely helps) but you do need to be have the time, patience, and ability to learn new software programmes. 
As a rule of thumb, I would say if you struggle with programmes such as Microsoft 365, Mailchimp, QuickBooks, Sage, Canva, or you find it difficult to set up social media profiles or your Google Business Profile, you will find it very hard to design and build a website that provides a good showcase for your business.  

Three choices 

I understand that some of you may feel that you don’t have any choice other than to create your own website, because your business can’t currently afford to have a website designed by a professional web design company. But there is a third choice; if you don't think you have the ability to create a website that will do your business justice, don’t have a website at all. At least, not until you can afford to pay someone to create a professionally designed site. 
I believe every business needs a website to give them a strong online presence. But if the website is poor, it really isn't going to provide any benefit to your business or your brand. In fact, it may even harm your brand. 
Unless you are proficient with software programmes, or you can afford a professionally designed website, I would suggest you get a strong social media profile on one or two platforms, and also set up a good Google Business Profile. And then when the time is right, look around for a web designer that can create a website that will further improve your online presence. 


Self-build websites can be a great way of getting a new website for your business at a low cost. But they can also take a lot of time, and it isn't something to be taken on lightly. If you feel you would like to give it a go, I recommend looking at some independent reviews of website builders first, and if you can speak to someone who has built their own site, so much the better. Then you will have a clearer idea of what is involved, and how much time it will take.  

Did you know....... 

...that it'seeze website prices start at just £250* upfront/setup fee, and then just £25* per month? 
If you think that may be worth considering, to save you the time and hassle of creating your own website, just click on the button below to book a free 15 minute no-obligation phone call. We'll discuss your business and your website requirements, and help you gain a clearer idea of which route is the best one for you, at this time. 
* Prices are exclusive of 20% VAT 
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