They speak a thousand words, they grab attention, they keep visitors to your website interested and engaged – when it comes to web design, image is everything. 
Using good quality photos and pictures will enhance the visual appeal of your website. Why does this matter? Because professional images create a good impression, and – vitally – build trust and credibility for your business. 
But do you know which photos to use? Where to source them? Below are a few tips to help you use pictures to best effect on your site. 
Images and the law 
Pictures you find on the web are not free to use. Even stock images require a license, unless the photo specifically states that it has a CCO licence and is free to download. 
Where to find images 
Professional photography is your best option. Hands-down. No matter what you’re selling or how big your business is, this is always going to be money well spent. Nothing compares to getting your own photos taken for your website and promotional materials. 
That said, if you must use stock images, make sure they really say what you want them to say. And something original too – you are trying to stand out from the crowd, not fade into it. Need a great source for free images? Try Pexels, PIKWIZARD or Pixabay 
Professional photography is the best option for your website 
The importance of high quality images 
Professional websites should not include pictures taken on a phone. Social media is a different ball game, but websites need to give the same impression you would want to give a potential client in person – you wouldn’t wear your pyjamas to a meeting, you’d be presentable and professional, and the same goes for your site. 
Optimising images for SEO 
SEO (search engine optimisation) is vitally important. It moves you up the search rankings and in simple terms means more people will have the opportunity to see your website. But search engines only scan for words – so always rename your images, and always use a relevant keyword in the name. And always fill in the ALT text too – this is the word description of your image, and there’s always an option to fill it in when you’re building your page. 
Keep the ALT text short, to-the-point, and use relevant keywords. What info would you need to know to ‘get’ what’s in the picture, without looking at it? 
Making your pictures work for you 
Keep it simple – one really good image is a lot better than a few weaker ones. Clutter is not king. Slick, sharp websites are effective websites – and they give a fantastic impression of your business. 
People will not remember every word on your website, but the images will stay with them a lot longer and form the lasting impression they have of your business. Get the picture now? (Sorry, we couldn’t resist.) 
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