Having a strong online presence is one of the most important things for businesses all over the world, regardless of what market they operate in and how long they have been established. Organisations now, whether they’re a start-up or a global conglomerate, know that one of the first things they need to ensure they are doing correctly is promoting themselves, their ethos and the quality of their work in an effective way. 
With so many businesses using the internet to display their brand, searches in their specific area can become saturated with competitors, which leaves people wondering how best they can market themselves online. 
Blogging has been an effective way for internet users to share their thoughts and provide a platform for people since the 1990s. It was never intended to be such an effective marketing strategy and yet, in 2021, it has become an essential practice for businesses if they wish to grow their online presence. 
Studies show that because of the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) benefits of blogging, paired with the ability for companies to showcase the kind of work they do and the quality they can offer customers, businesses who prioritise it in their marketing strategies see more positive returns on investment. This can be difficult to do, which is why some organisations outsource to web design management companies so that their blog content is relevant, catered towards driving traffic to their site and done in a way that encapsulates the quality their business can offer. 
Still not convinced? Here is a breakdown of the key reasons why blogging is so important. 

It Will Make You More Visible Online 

Effective SEO is one of the most crucial elements that a business needs when it comes to devising an effective online marketing strategy. When people are searching online for a specific business, they will do so using different keywords or phrases. As such, one of the best ways to ensure your website is showing up for these specific terms is to incorporate them onto your website as frequently as possible. You can do this in the general information and contact details about your business; however, blogging is much more effective. 
Writing blog posts that have keywords featured in the title or throughout the body of the text will mean your business ranks higher on different search engines, which allows for potential customers to find you amidst all the other competitors out there. 
The keywords that you can incorporate into these blog posts can be generic terms that apply to you; however, if you are a small business, they can also relate specifically to your area. People tend to be supportive of small businesses so long as they are able to find them. More organisations now are enlisting the help of local web developers as they know specifically what kind of language is being used by other businesses in your area. 

Increase Customer Engagement 

Thanks to the interconnectivity of the internet and more businesses using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to market themselves, it is expected that businesses will consistently engage with their audience. Whilst these platforms work incredibly well when it comes to doing this, blogging can be a much more effective and engaging tool. 
A good example of this is the blog that Waitrose use. On this, they not only talk about their business, but they share recipes from customers too. This allows shoppers to feel connected and is also a less sales-heavy way for Waitrose to promote their products. 

Blogging Helps Boost Your Brand Identity 

Where branding was used to simply refer to your company’s logo and typography, it now means a lot more than that. Branding is a direct reflection of how potential customers respond both psychologically and emotionally to your brand. 
By remaining consistent with the language that you use, your themes and colour schemes, you cement the branding of your company. Having a blog is therefore incredibly important as it helps build this identity. 

Show That You’re an Expert 

Regardless of what market your business operates in, it is incredibly important to be able to showcase that you are an industry expert. If the blog posts you create frequently reference your industry, potential changes and market trends, you are showing potential customers that if they engage with you and your services, they’ll be working with the best. 

Collect Data 

Thanks to Google Analytics, you can see not just how many people are reading your blog posts and going on your website, but you can also tell how they are navigating your blog. You will get a better idea for what topics people find most interesting, as well as what content generated the most customers for you. This can help when it comes to developing content in the future. 
Furthermore, you can also ask customers if they would like to be notified about future posts. This means that when you upload in the future, you will already have an active audience ready to engage with it, not to mention, you’ll be able to send additional information that you think may be relevant when getting customers to return to your website. 

It Makes Paid Promotion Easier 

Organic growth on social media platforms is not as effective as using paid promotions. There are now active influencers who can promote your business. Not to mention, the way that paid promotion works on most sites is pay per click, so you can set a strict budget for yourself. 
When you upload frequent blog posts, you are creating more content that you can promote. This means you can utilise targeted advertising so that your posts are seen by those who would genuinely like to engage with your services. 

Do You Require Further Assistance with Blog Posts? 

Posting a blog is now a very important part of digital marketing. It can be incredibly difficult to keep on top of posting regularly on your website in a way which caters to your customers wants and needs and stays true to your brand, alongside actually running your business. 
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