This month our top website tip looks at why keeping your website up to date is an important step in making your website be more beneficial to your business than it is to your competitors 
Once you have contact information on your website, it is important that you keep it up to date. 
There have been many occasions where I have visited a website with the intention of making a purchase, only to find that the contact details displayed on Google were different from those on their website. Which number or address did I use? I didn’t! I found a competitor that was easier to contact. 
Having information on your website that is no longer correct will confuse potential customers, and it will also damage your credibility. Furthermore, your Google rankings are likely to be negatively affected if your contact details are not consistent. 
Has your business recently moved or have you opened a new branch, store or depot? Update it on your website.  
Have you taken on new members of staff? Put them on your website, and make sure your remove people that no longer work for you.  
Have you got new products in your portfolio? Tell the world about them! 
New member of staff - induction (tick), add them to website (tick) 
Make sure any new products are featured on your website 
Successful and thriving businesses don't stand still. They are constantly changing, evolving and growing. Your website should reflect that. It should be constantly updated to reflect the changes, however big or small, going on in your business. If a website is static and never changes, why would people bother coming back to re-visit it. And what does a static, never changing website tell people about your business? 
So, take a look at your website today and make sure that it is up to date, and accurately reflects your business. 
Next month we will look at our Top Tip No. 5 - Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes 

Can't wait to find out what our 10 Top Tips are? 

If you think your business would benefit from a new website and you don't know where to start, why not have a free, non-obligation consultation with it'seeze Horsham. Call us today on 01403 610125 or send us an email, and we'll get a date in the diary. 
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