We spend a lot of time looking for bad websites. In fact we love them, because when we find one, we know that it’s an opportunity to help the owner get a new website that will benefit their business. But we are not the only ones who like bad websites - your competitors do too. They know that if you have a website that isn’t easy for visitors to use and that doesn’t engage them, people won’t stay on there for long. Potential customers will get fed up, and instead of contacting you or buying your products, they will leave your site and go elsewhere - straight to your competitors! 
It’s time that your website helped your business more than it helps your competitors – here is the first of our top 10 tips that will enable it to do just that. 

Your website must be fully responsive 

A fully responsive website is one that automatically adapts to the size of screen it is being viewed on, meaning the content is as easy to read on a mobile or tablet as it is on a desktop or laptop. 
With over 60% of web browsing now carried out on smartphones and tablets, it is essential that your website is fully responsive. Mobile use is only going to increase, and people simply won’t stay on your site if it is not optimised for mobile devices. They will quickly get frustrated 
with how difficult the text is to read, whilst visual content will 
have very little impact, and if you have a contact form that you expect people to complete, forget it! Instead, your site will drive people away and onto a competitor’s fully responsive website - you just lost that prospective new customer! 
A non-responsive website could also affect how many people find your site in the first place. Google has started to roll out mobile-first indexing, meaning that it will now prioritise mobile content over desktop content.  
Sometimes it can appear that a website is fully responsive, as it looks OK on a smartphone, but it is really a separate mobile website. This means that you actually have 2 websites, and so when you change or add content you need to update them both, otherwise your main website will have different content from your mobile version. Separate mobile websites also typically have reduced content, making it harder for Google to find relevant material to answer search queries, resulting in a lower search ranking. 
If you are not sure if your website is fully responsive, contact it'seeze Horsham by email or phone us on 01403 610125 to arrange a free audit of your current website. 
Next month we will look at our Top Tip No. 2 - Why your website needs to load quickly. 

Can't wait to find out what our 10 Top Tips are? 

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