Acceptable Use Policy

Last modified 3rd July 2014

We aim to support business owners in using the internet to communicate with existing and potential customers. As a responsible company, however, there are some uses of our services that we will not permit.

Use of our services for any of the following acts is prohibited:

Spam and malware

  • Sending unsolicited and/or bulk e-mails
  • Distributing malicious software intended to disrupt an individual’s use of their computer or compromise their personal information

Deception and illegal activities

  • Displaying or distributing deceptive content
  • Promoting, encouraging, planning, organising, or celebrating any activity that is illegal under the law of England and Wales

Violence and threats

  • Making threats of physical, psychological, financial, or any other harm to individual or groups
  • Promoting, encouraging, planning, organising, or celebrating any act harmful to humans or animals

Hate speech

  • Making written or verbal attacks on individuals or groups based on their gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, or any disability or medical condition

Bullying and harassment

  • Behaving abusively towards individuals


  • Promoting or encouraging suicide, self-mutilation, eating disorders, or abuse of legal or illegal drugs

Graphic content

  • Displaying or distributing graphic content (including serious injury to humans or animals), except where such content is in the public interest and accompanied by appropriate warnings about its nature


  • Displaying or distributing pornographic content

Personal information

  • Displaying or distributing the personal information of individuals without their consent


  • Impersonating another individual, whether or not such impersonation is performed for personal gain

Personal services

  • Advertising or selling social network friendships, real-life relationships, escort services, or massage services

Regulated products

  • Advertising or selling firearms or other weapons, tobacco, drugs, or drug paraphernalia
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